Doctoral thesis

2017. No Substitute for Competence: On the Origins and Consequences of Individual-Level Issue Ownership. Geneva: University of Geneva.

Refereed journal articles

Forthcoming. “The Motivational Basis of Constituency Work: How Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations Interact”, Political Science Research and Methods. (with Nathalie Giger and Catherine de Vries).

2019. “Mobilizing different types of voters: The influence of campaign intensity on turnout in direct democratic votes”, Electoral Studies, 57, 196-222. (with Andreas C. Goldberg, Pascal Sciarini)
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2016. “Issue ownership voting : The short-term dynamics of party competence evaluations and its impact on party choice”, Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 26(2), 212-231. (with Pascal Sciarini)
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2016. “The underexplored species : Selective participation in direct democratic votes”, Swiss Political Science Review, 22(1), 75-94. (with Pascal Sciarini, Fabio Cappelletti, Andreas C. Goldberg)
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2015. “Till immigration do us part? Public opinion and the dilemma between immigration control and bilateral agreements”, Swiss Political Science Review 21(2), 271-286. (with Pascal Sciarini and Alessandro Nai)
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2015. “Vote as you think : Determinants of consistent decision making in direct democracy”, Swiss Political Science Review, 21(1), 119-139. (with Alessandro Nai)
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Book chapters

2017. “How Elections Shape Campaigning Effects in Direct Democracy”. In Laurence Morel, Matt Qvortrup (ed.) The Routledge Handbook to Referendums and Direct Democracy. Oxon: Routledge. (with Alessandro Nai)

2016. “Sophistication politique et vote correct”. In Alessandro Nai (ed.) Voix des élites, décision du peuple. Dynamiques de vote en démocratie directe suisse. Zurich : Seismo. (with Deana Gariup and Michael Schmidlin)

Other publications

2016. VOX-Analyse der eidgenössischen Abstimmung vom 28. Februar 2016, gfs.bern and University of Geneva. (with Pascal Sciarini and Alexandra Feddersen)

2015. VOX-Analyse der eidgenössischen Abstimmung vom 30. November 2014, gfs.bern and University of Geneva. (with Pascal Sciarini and Alessandro Nai)

2012. The Importance of Salience. Agenda-Setting and Issue Voting in Swiss Politics. Geneva Laboratory of Political Science, no 4.
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